Welcome to Harvey Memorial Animal Hospital


Veterinary hospital serving Grosse Pointe and Detroit, Michigan

Are you afraid of your next vet visit because of the stress you or your pet experience when visiting the veterinarian?

If you have a dog that doesn’t like coming to the vet, ask us how to make the visit easier or see this link to see why we think it is important to handle pets in a way that decreases their fear and anxiety.


Visits with a dog that have been stressed previously may take a little more time or require more than one visit to accomplish what we want.

Counter conditioning so the pet is not stressed while here has been used successfully to treat some pets that we weren’t able to handle at the time of the first visit.

Sometimes, withholding food the morning of the appointment and brining that meal with you (and also some favorite treat) can help speed the process too.

For cats that don’t like getting into their carriers see this link to make getting them to us easier than you ever thought.


Harvey Memorial Animal Hospital was started in 1945. Dr. Milt Lipson and Dr. J.G. Harvey started the practice at its current location on Mack Ave. Small animal practice was not common then. Dr. Lipson agreed to work on small animals and Dr. Harvey would do the large animals. They both saw horses on a regular basis at the clinic.

Dr. Faremouth bought the practice in 1980 and sold it to Dr. Jane Alexander and Dr. Jeff Krysinski in 1996.

Dr.  Rebecca Coll purchased the practice in 2012 from the Krysinski’s. As a new owner she is very excited to meet all the wonderful long term clients, as well as new ones of Harvey and learn more about its history.

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